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Joseph Laurence Ackerman III

Joseph Laurence Ackerman III, received our scholarship and enrolled in Stewart's International School for Jewelers. He has already completed

the coursework and received his certification in jewelry repair and design. Congratulation! We are so proud of his accomplishments.

Thank you to all who support, sponsor and donate to HEROES Foundation of America for making a difference to GED student lives

"Before I was gifted this special opportunity I was working extremely hard to make my life blossom into something I could finally be proud of. I’ve experienced many hardships in my life, but none so trying as choosing and beginning a career-oriented path.

HEROES Foundation of America literally shoved me into the path of success and successful thinking and ever since I received my scholarship my life has only grown and only in the best ways. A scholarship is a wonderful thing to have and I will forever be grateful for the money I received… however NOTHING compares to all the things I’ve learned about my skill, myself, and my outlook on all things.

I could never express enough gratitude to Mrs. Caruso and her team of amazing individuals and the fervent time and effort they so graciously donate.

Joseph Ackerman III

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