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Behind every successful story stands a HERO, A MOTHER. Happy Mothers Day

Dear Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for supporting HEROES Foundation of America’s premier fundraising luncheon, “Dreams Do Come True.” The purpose of the luncheon was to generate a community awareness about our GED students, and the challenges they face as they attempt to attain their high school equivalency diploma by passing the GED®Test.

A couple of students read their real-life stories of struggle, hardship, and endurance as they shared their individual situations. There are hundreds of these stories, preventing GED students from achieving their dreams.

Klifton Michel, a recent GED graduate, touched our heart as he read his story of the day he had to become a man, at the age of 12, during the earthquake in Haiti. He stole the show with his gratitude when his name was announced as our first scholarship recipient to Palm Beach State College. HEROES Foundation of America made it possible for Klifton to realize his dream, or should we say his sister’s dream, of becoming a mathematician.

Our keynote speaker, Charlie Hugh Jones, renowned motivational speaker and author of Unlocking a More Productive You, shared the three keys of productivity: (1) investing in yourself, (2) creating a positive change, and (3) making a difference. Along with the principles of productivity, he gave us examples and tools to apply in our lives as we begin to build our own system of productivity with achieving results.

HEROES Foundation of America, Inc. will continue creating awareness to support our GED students and focusing on our mission of transforming lives through education. We invite you to get involved and partner with us, as we invest in helping our GED students achieve their dreams. Together, we can accomplish our goals of developing a stronger and trained workforce that supports the needs of our community.

To explore opportunities for involvement and contribute additional donations to our cause, go to our website,, or if you would like to discuss possible community business partnerships, call Sandra Caruso at (561) 285-1813.


1st Scholarship Recipient:

Klifton Michel

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