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Board of Directors

Shelley Vana / Ex-Officio

Shelley Vana was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Ambridge High School and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  An educator, Shelley Vana taught Science at Jupiter High School and at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  She was named a Dwyer Award Finalist.
In 1998, Shelley was elected to the office of President and CEO of the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association.  She served as president for 6 years, during which time the PBC teachers were named the highest paid in the state.   
In 2002, Shelley was elected to the Florida House of Representatives.  She served in this post, representing the citizens of House District 85 for 6 years.  During this time, Shelley served on various House Committees including the Agriculture Committee, Education Appropriations Committee, Health Care Committee, Telecommunications Committee, Business Regulation Committee and the Policy and Budget Committee.  She was also elected to be Vice Chair of the Palm Beach Legislative Delegation.
In 2008, Shelley was elected to the Palm Beach County Commission representing District 3.  She served in this capacity until she was term limited in 2008. During that time, Shelley served as Chairperson and then as Mayor.  She is the first Commission member to serve as both.  Shelley took on many issues including senior well being; effecting a change in the paratransit system in the county and to mandate background checks for those individuals caring for senior citizens.
Shelley also was the driving force in changing the supervision and management of the Palm Beach County Juvenile Correction Facility.  She has been instrumental in animal rights issues, bringing forward and supporting Countdown to Zero initiatives.  
She has served on the Water Resource Advisory Council for the SFWMD, the Children Services Council, PBC Audit Committee, Early Learning Coalition and The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council.
Shelley has also been active in Public Television and Radio.  She hosted the first weekly television program addressing the AIDS epidemic, AIDS 101.  She also hosted the public radio series First Issue.

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