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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

- Aristotle


HEROES Foundation of America, Inc. requires all scholarship recipients to participate in a variety of activities that apply a wide range of skills. It is recommended, but not required, that the service learning project is relevant to a particular academic major. 


When students use their skills and knowledge in real-life situations, learning extends beyond the classroom and into the community.



There are numerous benefits from participating in a service learning program:


  • There is a positive impact on students’ academic learning.

    • Improving students’ ability to apply what they have learned in “the real world”


  • Greater interpersonal development, particularly the ability to work well with others, and build leadership and communication skills

    • Developing a sense of more confidence in their ability


  • Provides opportunities for Connections with professionals and community members

    • Promoting higher learning and career opportunities

    • Increases involvement in community service

    • Provides experience, resources and references on resume, increasing chances of employment, or further studies in academic field.


Some Examples of Service Learning Projects:


College of Arts and Sciences:


  • Work on a Habitat for Humanity project constructing housing for families with low incomes

  • Organize/assist with voter registration

  • Work with a neighborhood association

  • Work with a public interest organization

  • Work with a political campaign

  • Assist with community events and projects such as museum activities, cultural awareness programs, fairs and festivals, Adopt-a-Highway, neighborhood clean-up/beautification days

  • Serve as a mentor for a young person through Big Brothers Big Sisters, Scouting, 4-H or other youth organizations

  • Help senior citizens with a variety of activities that enhance their quality of life

  • Conduct a conservation project at a park, lakeshore or nature center

  • Tutor elementary or secondary students in a variety of subjects, work with Literacy Volunteers of America, or serve as a "Reading Partner" to encourage youngsters to develop good reading habits


American Indian Studies

Tutor or serve as a mentor to a Native American elementary or secondary student; work with a Native American community development or social services organization; help develop oral histories of Native American culture; make presentations to elementary students about Native American culture.



Work with an organization that does anthropological research; volunteer with an anthropological museum; make presentations at local schools on different cultural groups in the U.S. and throughout the world; work with immigrants to preserve their heritage.



Design brochures, annual reports, logos and other publications for a non-profit organization; teach art classes in community centers, senior centers, nursing homes or schools; serve as a docent with an art museum; visit local schools to promote appreciation for the arts; volunteer with a local arts council; create a neighborhood mural with area residents.



Perform an environmental study for a local government or community organization; conduct a conservation project in a recreation area or forest reserve; tutor secondary students in biology; serve as a judge for a science fair; present an interactive seminar for an elementary or secondary school class or club; organize a neighborhood beautification project; organize a community garden.



Test air, soil or water quality levels for a local government or community organization; tutor high school students in chemistry; organize or serve as a judge for elementary or secondary school science fairs; present an interactive seminar for an elementary or secondary school class or club.


Communication + Journalism

Help a non-profit organization create a public awareness campaign; design logos or prepare reports, brochures or newsletters for a non-profit organization or community agency; help a local news organization design a weekly community service program; work with a public access television station on community issue programming; help children produce a program on a local cable channel; write for a newspaper or newsletter that focuses on public issues that concern you; help start a small-town community newspaper; help with a community newspaper produced by school children.


Computer Science

Help a non-profit organization or human services agency create and maintain a database; teach computer skills to children, senior citizens or the disabled; conduct a computer needs assessment for a non-profit organization; tutor primary or secondary students in computer science; design an educational game to be used in schools; develop a computer system to track Goodwill or Salvation Army inventories; create electronic forms to collect intake information at social services agencies; develop a strategic plan for information systems management for a nonprofit agency.



Stage performances in nursing homes, schools or hospitals; offer a class in a local community center; teach children cultural dances; assist with a dance therapy program.



Perform an economic study/analysis for a local government or community organization; work with a consumer protection organization; work with a public interest group; tutor high school students in economics; work with Junior Achievement programs.



Tutor elementary or secondary school students; organize book-readings and discussions in a school, nursing home, church or hospital; prepare reports, brochures or newsletters for a non-profit organization or community agency; get involved with Literacy Volunteers of America; read to or tape-record books people who are visually impaired; help community agencies write grant proposals.


Foreign Languages

Serve as an interpreter or translator for those learning English or other languages; teach English as a second language; hold language classes for community groups; assist with cultural awareness programs; translate social services brochures into the native language of recent immigrants.



Conduct community planning studies or provide geographic information systems (GIS) assistance to community groups or governmental agencies; present special units on geography at local schools; conduct an assessment study for a downtown revitalization project; assist with a local comprehensive planning process; work on assessment projects for natural resources agencies.



Present special units on geology at local schools; organize and conduct geologic field excursions for children, senior citizens or disabled persons; volunteer at a natural history museum or local nature center; prepare geology displays for a museum or park; conduct geologic studies for a local government or community group; work with an environmental action group; serve as a judge for a school science fair.



Help prepare oral histories with senior citizens; serve as a docent at a history museum; create and present innovative history units for elementary and secondary students; conduct historical studies for communities, local organizations or faith communities; assist with local historic preservation activities and projects.


Latin American Studies

Work on community development projects in Latin American countries or Hispanic neighborhoods in the U.S.; organize and conduct cultural awareness programs or festivals; organize units on Latin American studies or conduct special projects with elementary students.



Serve as a math tutor for elementary and secondary school students or students with special needs; serve as a teacher's aide; work with a school math club or help with after-school programs.


Music + Theater Arts

Stage performances in schools and nursing homes; teach acting or music at a community center; perform or help with a non-profit organization, community theatre or musical group; provide music and theatre activities for after-school programs.


Philosophy + Religious Studies

Volunteer with organizations that provide conflict resolution and mediation; organize a community service group; participate in Alternative Winter Break activities with the Ecumenical Religious Center; develop a website for a religious congregation; work with a consortium of religious organizations on a social issue.


Physics + Astronomy

Tutor high school students taking physics courses; serve as a judge in an elementary or secondary school science fair; lead an after-school astronomy or physics program; help out at a science museum or children's learning center; volunteer at a community planetarium; organize a community star-gazing excursion.


Political Science

Volunteer with political campaigns; work with public interest organizations or political watch groups; help the League of Women Voters present community programs; help a human rights organization; serve on a community board or advisory committee; work with a neighborhood organization; help with a voter-registration drive.



Volunteer at a crisis hotline; work with children in shelters, day-care centers, and schools; work with people who are mentally ill; work with families in transitional housing; volunteer in substance-abuse clinics, hospitals, and prevention centers; help non-profit organizations and social research agencies design statistical models to determine the needs of a special population.



Volunteer in shelters, hospitals or social service agencies; work with an organization that does social research; volunteer in transitional homes for youth; work at a detention center; make presentations at local schools on different cultural groups in the U.S. and throughout the world; work with immigrants to preserve their heritage.


College of Business:


Accounting + Finance

Share accounting or finance skills with a non-profit organization, a religious congregation, a day-care center, or a homeless shelter; help a non-profit organization set up an accounting software package; present community workshops on personal accounting and money management; help a non-profit organization set up a budget and assist with developing a financial planning strategy.


Business Communication

Help organizations develop training programs for volunteers; help agencies develop ways to supervise, monitor, and support their volunteer staff; help organizations with fund-raising activities; help a community organization develop presentations; work with a Junior Achievement group.





Service learning is "An educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs." Service learning is a great way to help others and improve your community, and it can also help you gain skills and experience to include on your resume and college applications.


Every HEROES of America scholarship recipient is required to fulfill at least 3 hours a week of their agreed upon pledge to a service learning project of their choice.  There are many kinds of projects students may consider for selection, as long as the field relates to their academic discipline.  For example, if the student wants to become a teacher, the student may volunteer in any school and assist with tutoring or helping with other school-related functions. All Service Learning projects must be approved prior to the student’s participation.


Participation in a Service Learning Project is mandatory and HEROES scholarship recipients may lose their scholarship if they do not comply with their Service Learning responsibility.


Below are some of the most important benefits of participating in a service learning project:


  • Gives you a way to help others

  • Helps improve your community

  • Can help strengthen your resume and college applications

  • Can be a way to meet new friends

  • Often results in personal growth

  • Gives you a way to gain work experience and learn more about certain jobs


Here are several ideas for service-learning projects:


  • Work on a Habitat for Humanity building site.

  • Pack up food bags for the homeless.

  • Set up a tutoring system or reading buddies with younger students.

  • Clean up a local park or beach.

  • Create a “pen pal” video conferencing group with a senior citizens home.

  • Counsel youth


For more ideas on a service learning project, review the following links:


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