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Board of Directors

Claire Valier

When I first started teaching, I was in a migrant camp for pre-kindergarten children. I soon found myself also teaching the children's families what they needed to know to stand up for their children's educational rights, how to access health care and how to provide a safe environment. My passion of being an advocate for both K-12 students and their parents continued throughout my teaching career with the Palm Beach County Schools. I eventually took the position of ESOL coordinator for the Department of Adult Education, where the possibilities of having an impact was unlimited to help adult students not only do well in school, but to prepare them to be successful in their community and in the workforce.  
For over 30 years I have worked with the adult education program as an instructor, team leader, program coordinator, trainer and now consultant. I have served on state committees, and presented for different organizations in the State of Florida. I have developed and delivered staff training for numerous other states. I am a certified National Reading Horizons Trainer, National CASAS Trainer, a consultant for a number of adult education publishers and have co-authored several books.  

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